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Second Reforms Commission backs law to protect whistle blowers

Posted by ekavi on June 17, 2006

Second Reforms Commission backs law to protect whistle blowers

Observing that the Right to Information Act did not cover the public
interest disclosure aspect, the Commission said interestingly it was
recognised in many democracies that an honest and conscientious public
servant, who is privy to information relating to gross corruption,
abuse of authority or grave injustice should be encouraged to disclose
it in public interest without fear of retribution.

"Therefore, confidentiality of the whistle blower in such cases, if
she or he seeks it, as well as protection from harassment by superiors
should be integral to the transparency regime," the 140-page report

It said the Commission "fully endorses" recommendation of the 179th
report of the Law Commission, which favoured enactment of Public
Interest Disclosure (Protection) Law to protect whistle blowers.

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