Whistleblowers India



Whistleblowers India 

INDIA WBA has taken up the issues of WHISTLEBLOWERS in INDIA.
India WhistleBlower Act:The Action Group;



8 Responses to “About”

  1. Shranag said

    Your site is an excellent initiative to make India livable for the honest, law-abiding and sincere citizens, who have been pushed to the margins by the greedy, value-less, power hungry and incorrigible politicians and bureaucrats. India needed it decades back, to stop its slide into the “functional anarchy” it has become today. There is a need to make up for the lost time….

    • M N singh said

      We would like to join any effort which strenghens whistleblowers hands. Pl tell us how it is possible.

      M N Singh

  2. nishith joshi said


    I had complained againt irregularities in central excise & customs deptt vadodra to CVC. CVC has sent teh application to CVO CBEC for necessary action. As a punitive action I was transferred malafidely . Since than i am on leave as i have been threatened by officers on duty personally at my residence. please pursue the matter with CVC as it is in national interest.

  3. Rajesh Mehra said

    I am a Jaipur based Chemical Engineer turned software Teacher cum programmer.I have developed user-friendly e-mail enabled Educational Software ‘Qalam’ for 15 Indian Languages.
    The software is ready for launch. Would you like to know more, please write.

  4. Rajesh Mehra said

    website http://www.qalam.in will be launched shortly

  5. EDNA AMEYO said

    I would like to network with organisations from India that promote the rights of whistleblowers. We intent to organise an international conference on whistleblower rights. Leading speakers fro USA, BRITAIN, AUSTRALIA AND SOUTH AFRICA have confirmed attendance.

    • M N singh said

      We would like to join any effort which strenghens whistleblowers hands. Pl tell us how it is possible.

      M N Singh

  6. Ishan said

    Hello Sir,

    I am Ishan Aggarwal, a software professional. Though I wok hard everyday and earn enough to live a comfortable life, I do not feel this is the purpose of my existence.
    I have a mission and a vision defined for myself and I am planning to work towards it. If these words make sense to you then please mail me at ishan.aggarwal13@gmail.com

    Bring forth to India the real life stories of Indians who believed in doing what was the rite thing to do.

    Making Indians proud on being Indians.

    Ishan Aggarwal

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