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Babus : ACR : RTI Act Implementation

Posted by ekavi on October 6, 2006

  • Dhirendra Krishna Says:
    September 3rd, 2006 at 6:14 am e
    The code for civil servants should also make it obligatory for them to take all possible measures (within their sphere of duty)to promote the RTI Active.

    Pro-active measures to implement RTI Act should be mentioned in their Annual Confidential Report, as it is indicative of their positive approach towards democratic governance and also their desire to improve the administrative processes to make governance responsive to the citizens. RTI calls for systemic reforms to enhance public accountability and for removing the abberations; officials need encouragement in their efforts in this direction.

    Any negative measures taken by them to stall RTI Act should result in an adverse comment in the ACR. Any one who retains colonial attitude of bossing over the public instead of working like “civil servant” deserves to be eased out from his job.

    DOPT should issue instructions in this regard, which may be given wide publicity, including mention in their web site. At present, there is no indication from the Government which encourages pro-RTI sentiment amongst the Government servants. On the contrary and unfortunately, DOPT is seen as adversory to RTI implementation,in view of the stumbling blocks created by them by proposed changes in RTI Act and deliberate mistake in their web site {excluding file notings from the definition of “information”.}

    Not enough is being done to encourage atitudinal changes in the official machinery, who regards RTI activist as an adversory.

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    One Response to “Babus : ACR : RTI Act Implementation”

    1. Salil Gupta said

      Babus boss is also a babu. The moot question is who is going to bell the cat?

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