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Whistleblower Protection in India

Posted by ekavi on June 17, 2006

Whistleblower Protection in India



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In the aim to protect "whistleblowers", i.e. individuals who witness an illegal act and expose this knowledge to a public authority in a view to have the witnessed act stopped and sanctioned, the government of India has drafted drafted a Public Interest Disclosure and Protection of Informers' Bill 2002.

While this bill was under examination by the legislator, the murder of an engineer in India, who had disclosed information on corrupt practices taking place in the course of a construction project, revealed the need for immediate action to enhance the security of whistleblowers.

Consequently, in order to assure a meaningful protection of informers and to encourage disclosures of corruption and fraud until the entry into force of the Public Interest Disclosure and Protection of Informer's Bill, the Central Government of India, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, has enacted Resolution No. 89 on 21 April 2004. This resolution grants a protection mechanism similar to the one foreseen by the Public Interest Disclosure and Protection of Informers' Bill 2002. The Central Vigilance Commission has been designated to handle complaints submitted under the Resolution (Office Order No. 33/5/2004).

ANTI-CORRUPTION Action Plan For Asia and The Pacific

Resolution No. 89 –


 Office Order No. 33/5/2004


Public Interest Disclosure Bill 2002 (Draft)

Central Vigilance Commission


Ministry of Personnel, Publ. Griev. and Pensions


Anti-corruption resource database India




2 Responses to “Whistleblower Protection in India”

  1. krishan kant jha said

    The Policemen of RPF Rs.5000/(Five Thousand Only)Cash taken from
    my pocket by force he is working under ASI B.K.Singh and other three RPF men and misbehave with us.
    You are requested to concern deptt.to follow the matter and do the needful against them without further delay.This incident has
    been hapen on 25.10.2009 at NOLI Rly.Station.

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