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Second Reforms Commission backs law to protect whistle blowers

Posted by ekavi on June 17, 2006

Second Reforms Commission backs law to protect whistle blowers

Observing that the Right to Information Act did not cover the public
interest disclosure aspect, the Commission said interestingly it was
recognised in many democracies that an honest and conscientious public
servant, who is privy to information relating to gross corruption,
abuse of authority or grave injustice should be encouraged to disclose
it in public interest without fear of retribution.

"Therefore, confidentiality of the whistle blower in such cases, if
she or he seeks it, as well as protection from harassment by superiors
should be integral to the transparency regime," the 140-page report

It said the Commission "fully endorses" recommendation of the 179th
report of the Law Commission, which favoured enactment of Public
Interest Disclosure (Protection) Law to protect whistle blowers.


2 Responses to “Second Reforms Commission backs law to protect whistle blowers”

  1. I am being victimised owing to being outspoken, to the flaws in the system. Editorials appearing in http://www.themarinewaves.com is a testimony to the state of affairs. Being a permanent floating staff officer in the permanent rolls of the company, in the grade of Third Engineer Officer, thrown out of service, like a fish out of water for no fault of mine while I had a wife and two children to support,as dependants. Neither medical disability compensation was given nor considered for VRS while the same was awarded liberally during that time for public sector employees. Till today a fair and final settlement of my accounts not made. Seek your intervention for a fair and just settlement.

    P. K. Chandran, EC 122348, Third Engineer Officer,
    Shipping Corporation of India Limited,345 Madame Cama Road,MUMBAI-400021.

  2. vijay said


    It is not uncommon for being victimized for outspokenness. There is no point in seeking judicial system or governance system as long as corruption thrives in this unfortunate and hapless citizen in public service and that must be reason, the most intelligent indians have been migrating to out-side Indian Society, leaving microscopic percentage to the public service. Public service means, bowing down to corruption. Outspokenness is a disqualification. Thanks to Anna’s agitation followed by fast unto death, there is some movement in the pace of public service. The CVC personnel appears to be hand in glove with the ministries concerned and there is no point in begging them. . See, I have got 37 marching orders in just 35 years of service including the ones across length and breadth of India. Those who serve the top echelons would get whatever wanted. No UPSC recommendation/guidelines of DOPT are followed by the Ministries. If you are capable be hang on with the system. Presently I am working in Southern Railway and facing 4 cases, during last more than a decade. The department led by alleged corrupt ones never bothered about guidelines. Hence no need to worry about this corrupt system. There appears no point in seeking somebody’s intervention as the entire lot including CVC/President Secretariat/CIC, etc., appears corrupt oriented. Only look above, one day or the other the invisible power would certainly intervene in such just and judicious issues.

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