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IITians want Centre to guide whistleblowers

Posted by ekavi on June 17, 2006

IITians want Centre to guide whistleblowers
[ Wednesday, December 17, 2003 01:20:14 amTIMES NEWS NETWORK ]


MUMBAI: About 500 IIT alumni met at the Indian Institute of Technology, Powai, on Monday to protest against the murder of the IITian and young idealist Satyendra Kumar Dubey.

The crux of the meeting was mainly a plea to IIT alumni to take the cue from Satyendra Dubey and prevent his death from being in vain.

There was a call to get the contracts that he blew the whistle on, cancelled, and an investigation launched into the matter, rather than only gunning for an investigation of the murder.

One of the suggestions that emerged was the creation of a pan-IIT counselling centre for whistleblowers, where alumni who want to expose corruption can be advised and the matter can be taken up jointly with the support of a huge fraternity rather than one person going for it by himself/herself.

The main speakers included Ashok Misra, director, IIT Bombay; S.K. Dube, director, IIT Kharagpur; Shailesh Gandhi, chairman, IIT Bombay Alumni Association; Deepak Satwalekar, IIT Bombay alumnus and head of HDFC Insurance, journalist Sucheta Dalal, writer Dilip D’souza and student representatives of various IITs.

Mr Misra began the discussion by saying that Satyendra Dubey was only following the path that IIT stands for—progress without corruption.

“One of the basic values we teach and learn at IIT is regard for merit,’’ he said. “And we hope that every alumnus upholds this value. We like to believe that all of us can change a little bit of the system, and that all the little changes can add up to a big change.’’

Mr Satwalekar pointed out that finding the murderer of Satyendra Dubey probably wouldn’t satisfy his soul, but the alumni getting together against corruption in future, would. “We have the right to information, when it comes to the corporate sector,’’ he said.

“That should apply to government projects too.’’ A number of student representatives from all the IITs,who were on campus for the inter-IIT sports meet, walked on to the stage and spoke impromptu about their fellow alumnus. They promised to take their education beyond the classroom and try to be agents of change in society. “ One of the basic values we teach and learn at IIT is regard for merit ’’


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