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CVC – Machinery to be in place to act on whistle-blowers complaint

Posted by ekavi on June 17, 2006

Machinery to be in place to act on whistle-blowers complaint


With a view to encourage and protect honest persons in their attempt to expose corrupt public functionaries, government today said pending bill on protection of informers, a suitable administrative machinery will be put in place for CVC to act on complaints from "whistle-blowers". The Law Commission vide its 179th Report had prepared "The Public Interest Disclosure (Protection of informers) Bill.

An official release said pending the Bill to become a law, government vide a Resolution authorised the CVC to inquire into the complaints and take requisite action.

Highlighting the features of the Resolution, the release said no action will be taken on anonymous complaints and the CVC will ascertain the genuineness of the complainant and the complaint.

The identity of the complainant will not be revealed, it said adding that CVC may call upon CBI or police to render all assistance in the investigation and if the probe reveal either mis-use of office or substantiate corruption charge, CVC may recommend appropriate proceedings against concerned Government servant.

Besides, the CVC may recommend appropriate administrative steps for redressing the loss caused to the Government and initiation of criminal proceedings if warranted by the facts and circumstances of the case as well as taking correcting measures to prevent recurrence of such events in future.

On written request, the CVC will give suitable directions to the concerned government authorities to protect the complainant or witness from victimization and appropriate step could be taken by the CVC if the complaint was found to be motivated and vexatious.

The CVC may not inquire into any disclosure if a formal and public inquiry has been ordered under the Public Servants Inquiries Act or if the matter was already referred for inquiry under the Commission of Inquiry Act.

The Government Resolution further said that CVC may initiate action as per extant regulations against the person or agency who discloses the identity of the complainant.


3 Responses to “CVC – Machinery to be in place to act on whistle-blowers complaint”

  1. A.SIDDIQUI said

    The disclosed infomation by the Whistle Blowers is forwarded by the CVC to the concerned department for its investigation and action taken reports after investigation. The CVC action is based on the reports of the department . If any chief vigilance officer of the concerned departments submits the misleading reports to the CVC for protecting the real culprits involve in the corrupt practices then the Whistle Blowers becomes victims due to collusion of the vigilance officers with the coruupt officials of concerned department.

    In view of the above there should be some extra ordinary provision for the Whistle Blowers who disclose the improper practices in his own risk to protect the losses of the Govt of India.

  2. vijay said

    It understand from the correspondence, viz., disposal of references received from President of India and waiting the CVC to retire the corrupt public servants show that the employees working in the CVC them selves are hand in glove with the corrupt elements. Hence citizen lost faith, trust and confidence in the system of CVC itself.

  3. vijay said


    While agreeing with the views of Ramachandran, it is brought to the notice of the public that the disposal of President’s Secretariat is just to forward by click of to the concerned ministries/departments and concerned States. The statement of Ramachandran : The disposal of cases is strictly monitored and the Ministries and State governments concerned are told to expedite the process of redress. The Home Ministry, with 2,752 cases, tops the list of Ministries to have had the maximum number of complaints routed from the Rashtrapati Bhavan, followed by the Finance Ministry with 1,526, the Human Resource Development Ministry with 1,390, the External Affairs Ministry with 1,241, the Defence Ministry with 1,181, the Corporate Affairs Ministry with 1,099 and the Railway Ministry with 1,019 may not be factually correct as seldom the grievance-ridden citizen had sent about 30+ and so far I am yet to get reply from the concerned dep/ministries. Similar is the case of CVC. After all, it is alleged that they would have gone to CVC after spending lot of money and they may be waiting to recoup the same. Classic example is CVC letter No. 1096/11/Vig.1/144960 dated 13.9.2011 received on 1.10.2011 by this petitioner, Till such time, CVC obtain statutory status they were agitating by claiming that they do not have power. After statutory power and status was accorded by the Legislative body, ie.Parliament of India with the Assent given by HE President of India, CVC now says “No further report is required to be sent to the Commission, the authorities concerned are required to look into the matter and take such action as deemed it”. Certainly CVC Sir, the concerned authorities of Ministries are throwing the complaints into dust bin The even do not care for President’s Secretariat References. Neither CVC nor P Secretariat monitor. I have such large number of references to prove this point.

    It is now sought clarification from CVC through this portal, as to why CVC the Statutory Body does not ensure and forward the request of what action taken by the concerned Ministries/State Govt. How many such people ask feed back. That goes to say there is a nexus between the Ministries/State and CVC. Other-wise citizen does not find any reason just to do post man job and keep quite. For citizen it appears CVC does not exercise statutory role, but leave to the concerned Ministries of Govt. of India to swindle from public as well as the individual public servants as they like. CVC and CBI are required to answer several unanswered questions from Citizens of this country.

    No reply received in response to forwarding note against P Secretariat Grievance No.PRSEC/E/2011/14605 that referred to JS/MH on 5.9.2011. One appeal was disposed by Rly.Ministry vide No.RB.RTI/2011/010017494dt 29.8.2011 denying information sought by citizen under RTI Act sec 8(1)(j. Apparently all the letters disposed by a person who thinks he is more intelligent than the citizen himself. Please instruct the concerned persons in public service to provide information, if at all the citizen to believe the capability of handling corrupt issues. It was legislated by Parliament that the citizen shall not be denied information sought by him wherever public interest is involved. Payment from public funds to the individuals by means of pension, gratuity are not treated as public/tax payers money.

    Why the individuals working in the Railway Ministry and its constituent Zonal systems/PS in the Cabinet Secretariat are allowed to hide behind the exception clauses under RTI Act,2005 that are infact meant to be used for clean and effective governance. It is not clear as to why CVC keeps quite and what is the rate being shared among persons working between Railway Ministry/Zonal sets up and CVC/DOPT.. How long the citizen should tolerate this kind of alleged corruption at high places of governance of the people.

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