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Posted by ekavi on June 17, 2006

Citizens' forum to support whistleblowers
When Executive Engineer S K Nagarwal reported corruption in railway track laying in West Bengal, his saga with colluding officials and contractors began. Now, supported by the S K Dubey foundation, a citizens' forum has sprung up to protect Nagarwal and other whistleblowers. Varupi Jain reports.

3 March 2005 – A railway official is murdered for reporting corruption in a railway project. Another official who dared to do the same is running for his life. Corruption, as always, is corroding official machinery. Can those who dare to speak out expect anything other than victimization, transfers and threats to life? A forum of eminent citizens has come together to find an answer.

S K Nagarwal was Executive Engineer working on the Eklakhi-Balurghat New Railway Line (in West Bengal). On reporting corruption in this project to his superiors (including the Railway Board), the letter of complaint was leaked to the contractor mafia who have threatened to eliminate him and his family. He was transferred many times and his bosses tarnished his Annual Confidential Reports. Official facilities he receives like a vehicle, supporting staff, telephones, etc., were withdrawn. Besides this, his superiors forced him to work under a junior officer to him and he was insulted before his subordinates.

The new track was designed and constructed for a speed of 100 kmph. However, the Commissioner of Safety approved the track only for a speed of 60 kmph. At some places, the quality is so poor that almost 40 km of the total stretch of 87 Km could be approved for a speed of 10 Km per hour! Contractors used sub-standard ballast & blanketing material in the construction and this could easily cause a derailment. The line sinks severely at several places during the rains.

Nagarwal complained. On getting no positive response from General Manager/Construction, he wrote to the Advisor/Vigilance, Railway Board with evidence. However, his complaint was routinely forwarded, along with his identity, to the Northeast Frontier (NF) Railway Vigilance Department despite there being clear instructions from the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) against identity of complainant being disclosed during investigations. But the vigilance department of NF Railways did conduct raids on the Eklakhi-Balurghat Project. However, the contractor suspects soon managed to influence the Vigilance Department and later also threatened Nagarwal.

According to CVC rules, Nagarwal's case should have been taken over by the CBI. However, officials have worked together to violate these rules.

In July 2003, Nagarwal was transferred to Katihar from Malda (West Bengal) and his complaint was quietly dumped and forgotten. Then, within three months, he was transferred to Guwahati. His movements and those of his family members who were living alone at Farakka were being traced while another whistleblower, Satyendra Dubey was murdered in similar circumstances – reason enough for Nagarwal to apply for security.

The Guwahati High Court which had directed protection for Nagarwal. However, this has not been provided even six months after this order has been passed. When NF Railway authorities disobeyed the court's orders, Nagarwal had to file two contempt petitions to force railways to comply. He asserts that what he has now is inadequate.

Under Supreme Court directions, the Central Government had recently issued an order making the CVC the nodal agency to protect whistleblowers. According to this order, if any whistleblower makes a complaint of corruption to the CVC, the CVC would be required to provide protection to the whistleblower against any physical attack and administrative victimization, to protect the identity of the whistleblower and to ensure proper investigation into charges of corruption. Citing this order, Nagarwal sought protection from the CVC in August 2004 but in vain.

Also, the CVC has issued detailed rules in the form of vigilance manuals, which should be followed by all vigilance agencies working in Central Government Departments. According to these rules, Nagarwal’s complaint – containing strong evidences of corruption, forgery and falsification of records – should have been entrusted to the CBI. This has not been done so far.

The Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO) of the Indian Railways is an important internal functionary in these matters. (Many departments of the government have their own internal vigilance wing, but under the administrative control of department.) The CVO should have transferred all officials suspected to be guilty in this case. Ironically, however, Nagarwal himself was transferred twice. The CVO, Indian Railways and the N.F.Railway have worked together to violate the rules.

It is to provide a credible support to whistleblowers that a group of eminent and concerned citizens have come together as Citizens Forum Against Corruption (CFAC). The forum was formed in October 2004. CFAC boasts of members from diverse fields: Admiral R H Tahiliyani, Ajit Mozoomdar, Arvind Kejriwal, Colin Gonsalves, Justice Leila Seth, Kamini Jaiswal Muchkund Dubey, Madhu Bhaduri, Prabhash Joshi, Prashant Bhushan, R Parmeshwar, Ramaswamy R. Iyer, Sanjay Parikh, Sudhir Verma, Shekhar Singh, S K Jha, SP Shukla and Vinod Khanna.

According to CFAC spokesperson T K Naveen, the forum typically invites cases of corruption from whistleblowers who have information and evidence and who would like to report such a case anew or who have already reported such cases but have not received adequate response from the government. A working group of the panel scrutinizes the evidence and presents a summary document to the panel.

Says Naveen, "much energy during the initial two three months was spent on putting some sort of system in place." Most of the expenses are borne by various individual members. There is also some financial support from the S K Dubey foundation. There are no other funds.

Nagarwal's case is the first case in which the forum has acted. In the Nagarwal case, for instance, the forum has approached the CVC and concerned authorities enquiring about the nature and quantum of action taken until now and action proposed to be taken.

For other cases which are currently being processed, the final decision on represenation has not been taken. "CFAC will take up only those cases which have a serious impact on public interest where significant amounts or serious illegality is involved, or which involve high offices held by the person's involved and also those cases revealing gross systemic deficiencies," says Naveen.

CFAC says they will ensure complete anonymity to officers do not want their identity revealed. But for the cases that have come up before CFAC presently, officers are willing to put their name out in the open. But "CFAC members have reputation to have dealt with the sensitivity that is needed in such cases", says Naveen.

For each case that the panel decides to take up, the panel will first write to the concerned department, CVC, CBI and other investigative agencies to inquire and to take adequate action. If CFAC does not receive adequate response or see sufficient action it may make the matter public to expose the concerned department or vigilance agency. As a last resort, CFAC may decide to take the case to court.

India is the world's largest and over half-a-century old democracy. It is also here that government servants can be murdered for speaking the truth against government. If civil society initiatives like the CFAC have a few successes that include justice for whistleblowers, it will inspire confidence among more whistleblowers to come out and report corruption. This is both the hope and promise.

Varupi Jain
3 Mar 2005

Varupi Jain is pursuing a graduate degree in Small Enterprise Promotion at the University of Leipzig, Germany. She is a freelance journalist, and writes regularly for India Together.

T K Naveen,
C-67 Sector 14


67 Responses to “Citizens’ forum to support whistleblowers -CFAC supported by SKDF”

  1. Regd. Ack Due Letter
    17th July 2006.

    The Central Public Information Officer,(SP & CAD),
    Bureau of Indian Standards, “Manak Bhavan”
    9, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, NEW DELHI- 110 001.

    Subject: Request for Information under RTI Act 2005.
    Registered Complaint No. 2005/6 and 2006/68.

    Dear Sirs/Madam,

    I would very much appreciate hearing earliest, on the below-said thoughts articulated by me.

    1. Complaint history: To which officials, have my complaint been forwarded to and its file noting. Reasons for the lack of response, within the reasonable time-frame.
    (Officer/Officers responsible for dealing with the above-said complaint).

    2. Details of action that can be taken for failures to respond to such complaints in a
    timely manner. Has any such action taken to the dereliction of duties. If not, why not?

    3. Composition of Technical Committee, in particular to Marine Standards and the relevant related other standards, which BIS as a national standardization body should have taken into consideration to integrate. Their academic/technical and management standing, for the veracity taken into consideration, for selection.

    • Who represents on behalf of the Indian Shipyards?
    • Who represents from classification societies? ie. IRS, BV, DNV, Lloyds etc.
    • Who represents from the Office of the Director General Shipping ? the national maritime administration.

    Systems thinking ability, is to look at things holistically, instead of in bits and pieces, which teaches us that everything in this world is connected to something else as well. In my opinion, discipline lacks adherence to time schedule, commitment to responsibility held. Instead of BIS encouraging those who come forward to contribute to national development, had shown a discouraging path to intellectuality, while entrusted with documentation work. Bureau of Indian Standards to do their job wisely before they propagate the use of documented Indian standards.

    Thanking you,
    Sincerely yours,

    Dr. P. K. CHANDRAN,
    Ex.Chief Engineer(Marine)& GM(Tech),Crossworld Shipping Ltd. Chief Consultant – Cee Cee Industrial & Marine Consultants,
    Managing Editor & Publisher –
    “Marine Waves” Monthly Maritime Newsletter.
    P.O.Box 5006, Besant Nagar Post Office, Chennai-600090.
    Mon, 13 Feb 2006 12:59:02 +0530 (IST)
    Subject: Complaint under right to information act
    From: spcad@bis.org.in Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert

    To: pkc484@yahoo.com

    Dear Sir,

    This is in referance to your mail dated 15 January 2005 regarding TED 17:1/T-31 and our earlier mail to you in this regard dated 01 Dec 2005.

    As informed to you vide our earlier mail, the desired information has
    already been sent to you by concerned technical department vide their
    letter TED 17:1/T-31dated 24 Oct 2005 under Speed Post.Hope you must
    have received the same.You have so far not informed if you are satisfied with the contents of the letter.

    If you still want to register the complaint under RTI ACT, we request
    You to write specific pointwise questions, so that they can be answered
    pointwise. Further, you are requested to deposit Application fee of Rs
    10/- to BIS by way of cash against proper receipt or by Demand Draft or
    Bankers Cheque payable to Bureau of Indian Standards, New Delhi.

    Thanking You

    Yours faithfully

    Neeta Sharma

    Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2006 21:45:24 -0800 (PST)
    From: “chandran chandran” Subject:Re: Complaint under right to information act
    To: spcad@bis.org.in
    CC: edit@iht.com, gcletters@yahoo.com, aftnet@bom2.vsnl.net.in, decnet@blr.vsnl.net.in, editor@economictimes.com, letters@thehindu.co.in, feedback@hindustantimes.com, editor@expressindia.com, itgo@india-today.com, feedback@indiaworld.co.in, letters@newsindia-times.com, toieditorial@timesgroup.com, thestatesman@vsnl.com, ranjanalok_cal@yahoo.co.in, alok@arpg.nic.in, suvrathan@nic.in,

    I have already expressed my displeasure in the working of the BIS, of the very poor response of BIS neglecting a matter of concern, sitting cool and reacting on their whims and fancies throwing the ball to different courts irresponsibly lacking integration, in the working of the Bureau of Indian Standards, not valueing the precious TIME of all of us. I have telephonically called up and expressed my displeasure, as a responsible citizen of india.

    You are further invited to browse http://www.themarinewaves.com and read my editorial of “Marine Waves” international maritime newsletter, more particularly Jan.2006 issue, wherein also displeasure expressed, as Editor and Publisher. Hence, do please ask your own hearts and justify yourself, for the prevailing administrative flaws more particularly in maritime administration which is responsible.

    Please note that I am associated with the Institute of Standards Engineer for almost four decades, worked in the most reputed industries in India and travelled allover the world, since joined shipping in 1982.

    With the best of regards.
    Sincerely yours,
    Dr.Chandran Peechulli
    Editor & Publisher – “Marine Waves”
    International Maritime Newsletter
    24th September 2005.
    Shri. P.C.Joshi, Scientist ‘E’ & Head (Transport Engineering),
    Bureau of Indian Standards, “Manak Bhavan”
    No.9, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg,
    New Delhi- 110 002.

    Your Office Letter Ref: TED 17:1 / T-31 dated 12th Sept.2005.
    Subject: Concern of BIS-National Standards Body, towards Standardization.
    Undue delay in the documentation process for an Indian standard.

    Dear Sir,

    This has reference to your letter cited above, in response to my letter dated the 30th Aug.2005, addressed to the Director General – B. I. S. expressing the poor quality of standards, lacking integration within the infrastructure of BIS. Despite referring to various exchanges of correspondences that had necessitated, you have still desired me to elaborate “Causing undue delay in implementing suggested Colour-Coding of pipelines” Probably the referred period is not small enough for the B I S documentation process time-frame, if at all exists.

    • Bureau of Indian Standards dated 8th February 1994. states IS 2379:1963 is prescribed for the identification of pipelines carrying fluids in domestic and public buildings and as such industrial installation where a specific colour code does not exist and is in no way connected with the shipbuilding activities.
    • Concern for the Shipyards in India? What has BIS to say? Prompted to reply stating IS 2379:1963, is being practically referred and applied. This was revealed to me, during my visits to Magdala (ABG) Shipyard Ltd; Surat, Goa Shipyard Ltd; etc. Hence, wrong colour-coding were in practice, which would result in grave consequences.
    • What is the harm therefore for the Bureau of Indian Standards, in applying the colour code of international practice for domestic use as well, being a Standardization body, which should have been the primary vision to the mission of a Standards Engineer/Manager.
    • This is despite cautioning grave mistake, which could otherwise lead to serious consequences.

    Mr. N S Judge Director(Transport Engineering), vide his letter TED17/A-3 dated the 10th Feb.1994, informs that B I S has not formulated any Indian standard and all attempts were made to locate, for an international standard .
    Suggested B I S, of the following colour code used for pipelines in international practice, if need be to check practically on foreign going vessels, arriving and departing from major ports of India, satisfying yourself:-

    Fresh Water: Blue
    Sea Water: Green
    Fire Main: Bright Red
    Bilge & Ballast: (WASTE): Black
    Lube Oil: Yellow
    Hydraulic Oil: Purple
    Fuel Oil: Diesel Oil: Light Brown.
    Heavy Oil: Dark Brown

    Mr.A R Gulati, Director(Transport Engg.), B I S dated 3rd March 1998. Wherein he re-asserts that the existing Indian Standard IS 2379 gives the colour code for pipe-lines in Boiler houses and industrial installations, does not cover for pipe lines in ships. Hence, in the absence of a marine standard for ships, he has circulated one Draft TED 17(250) for comments. A copy of which was sent to me, stating the colour code given in this draft is in line with what I had suggested in my letter, said above. What are the efforts made by B I S to find out, as to how merchant navy vessels of foreign origin in international shipping, adopts a universal standard code? This reveals BIS men on desk job, neither theoretically nor practically sound on the subject, to which they are assigned, but for mere document drafting. I have been associated with the institute of standards engineers, madras since 1967, while the then Director of Chennai, ISI Office was Mr.Gulati, who was also the Secretary of SEI., housed in Sathyamurthi Bhavan, of General Patters Road, Chennai-600 002.

    • In reply, my letter Pkc/cc/BIS/DTE/Clr.CC/94-98 dated the 7th March 1998. Re-asserted, as to what is the harm for the Bureau of Indian Standards in applying the colour code of international practice for domestic use as well, being a Standardization body, which should have been the primary vision to the mission of a Professional Standards Engineer/Manager.
    • This is inspite of my cautioning the grave mistake, which could otherwise lead to serious consequences. Though you state the existing standard IS 2379 is for the exclusive use in Boiler Houses and Industrial installations. Absence of an Indian standard for the ships, the same used in ship building at Magdala (ABG) Shipyard, Goa Shipyard etc.
    • In case of Boiler Houses and Industrial Installations in the coastal region of India. On viewing the economical viability for cost effectiveness, sea-water will be viewed as the cooling media, same as that on a ship. Would this not cause serious consequence, if the pipe line is not designed for the saline water content? Content media for the designed pipeline? Please view in a wider perspective angle, with a pragmatic approach.

    *REMINDER sent after eight long months, to know the fate/status, requesting copy. Ref:Pkc/cc/BIS/DTE/Clr.CC/94-98 dated 11-11-1998.

    Mr.A R Gulati, Director (Transport Engg.)-BIS Ref:TED17:1/T-31 dated the 30th Nov.1998. We have received your letter dated 7th March 1998 on document TED 17(250) with comments, the contents of which is noted and will be put to the Shipbuilding Sectional Committee, TED 17 for consideration, when it meets next to finalise the document as a standard. The Committee, likely to meet in December 1998. In the meantime, we are forwarding your views on harmonizing IS2379-1990 with the document TED 17 (250) to our Heavy Mechanical Engineering Department, for their consideration to bring the Indian Standard in line with a colour code suggested in our document.

    REMINDER sent 19th April 2001 vide my letter Ref:Pkc/SC/CC/07, to know the status, pertaining to IS 2379:1990 and Doc:TED 17(250).

    M M Bansal, Jt.Director (Transport Engg.) Reply from BIS Ref:TED 17:1/T-31 dated 2nd May 2001. Placed before the Ship Building Sectional Committee Meeting held on 4th Feb.1999 in Mumbai. Informs, as the Document was based on an ISO document which was at a preliminary stage, the committee deferred finalization of the document till such time the ISO document was finalized. The said document has since matured and copy of ISO/FDIS 14726-1. Ships & Marine Technology-Identification colours for the content of piping systems. Also informs, meeting of Shipbuilding Sectional Committee is likely to take place within few months in Mumbai, making it clear that if I am interested to attend meeting, all expenses would be borne by me. This is the state of affair, in our National Stds.Orgn.(BIS).

    REPLY to above-said letter from self: summarized letter of correspondences since 1994, vide my letter dated 11th June 2001.
    • Why BIS on its own cannot view the feasibility of considering standardization of the colour code, irrespective of it being industrial/marine application towards simplification, variety reduction and easy identification, if viewed in a wider perspective angle, in the interest of standardization and the nation, towards national standards.
    • Marine Engineers in Merchant Navy are not pen pushers, but those who strongly believe Theory and Practice together produces results, having sailed on ocean going vessels built in India,Japan,Russia,Korea and E U countries.
    • From the exchange of correspondences, I am to understand that BIS exists with no originality, but looking for copying down from other national or ISO standards.
    A R Gulati, Head & Director(Transport Engg.),BIS letter Ref:TED 17:1/T-31 dated 4th June 2004. acknowledges above-said letter, conveying that my comments passed
    on to Mechanical Engineering Department, to put up to the relevant Tech. Committee HMD 17, for incorporating the change in IS 2379:1990. REMINDER sent to Director-General, B I S, as a follow-up, citizen’s concern, on the 30th August 2005. For which, reply received from Shri.P.C.Joshi, Scientist E & Head(Transport Engg.). For whom this reply.

    Central Governments “Right to Information Act” fails to achieve its objectives. The common man who tried to invoke the Act, to obtain information, was not able to obtain. How many could raise their voice but remain unheard and unanswered but for your closed quarters with committee members of experts known by you only, why concealed? Why has BIS stopped printing in the booklet, the composition of the sectional committee members, in this age of “Right to Information Act” which calls for clarity and transparency? Calls for check to unethical practices, in the nation’s national standardization body (BIS).

    Professional excellence is never achieved through egoism. One should learn to accept the facts and come out with the best solution, for the designation held, but for saying BIS is restricted to only secretarial functional support, depending upon the help of the external support from experts in the field. Their competencies? How are they chosen? While I have pointed out a valid flaw in the standard, I should have been let known the personalities of experts involved.

    After exchange of correspondences, over a decade i.e. eleven long years, BIS had no courtesy to even send a complementary copy of IS 15445 (Part 1):2004, nor we permitted to use the BIS Library for reference, but for asking us to be a member on paying a sum of Rs.500, as the annual subscription. Instead, BIS should encourage experienced veterans in the engineering discipline to share their experience and knowledge for upgrading national standards. The need for Uniform law, with human values in International Shipping. Shall be pleased to hear from B I S. Thanking you,
    Sincerely yours,

    P. K. Chandran, Director- Cee Cee Industrial & Marine Management Consultants.
    Editor & Publisher –“Marine Waves” http://www.themarinewaves.com
    President- VRIMNOS ( V.Retd. Indian Merchant Navy Officers Society.).

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