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GOI Orde Jan 16th 04 Constitutes Working Group – GOI Jan 2004 ConsProtAct Amend.doc

Posted by ekavi on June 15, 2006

File No. 2(14) /2003-CPU

Government of

Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution,

Department of Consumer Affairs

(Consumer Protection Unit)

Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi-110001

Dated     16th January, 2004


In pursuance of the recommendations of the 23rd meeting of the Central Consumer Protection Council held on 16th July, 2003 the Central Government hereby constitutes a Working Group to consider amendments in Consumer Protection Act and to make suggestions for the following either by amending the existing Acts or by formulation of new Acts for protecting the interests of consumers:  

(i)         Product Liability Act;

(ii)        Unfair Terms of Contract Act;

(iii)       Builders Licensing Boards Act;

(iv)       Whistle Blowers Protection Act;

This Working Group will work with following terms of reference:-

(i)            To identify the needs of the Consumers with regard to above Acts and consider whether those needs can be met by suitable amendments in existing Acts.

(ii)           To suggest whether one or more new Acts are required for the above.

(iii)          To draft the proposed new Acts and amendments.

(iv)           To suggest the concerned administrative Ministry/Department who will deal with the proposed new Acts.

(v)            To make suggestions for legislations to protect the interest of consumers in other areas by either amending existing Acts or formulation of New Acts. 

       2.   The Working Group on Formulation of New Acts/ Amendments in Existing Acts   will consist of the following members:


Nominee of the  Ministry of Law



One representative of Bar Council of India.



One representative C.E.R.C, Ahmedabad.



Nominee of   Bureau of Indian Standards, 
New Delhi

Member Secretary





3.   The nominees from Government Departments/ Organizations may not be below the level ofJoint Secretary.

4.   The Working Group shall meet as and when necessary and at a place decided by theChairman.

5.    The non-official members invited   to this Working Group shall be entitled to TA & DA as per the existing rules of Bureau of Indian Standard and shall be paid by the Bureau of Indian

New Delhi.


(S.L. Meena)

 Under Secretary to the Government of



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